Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fall inspiration : British

It’s been some time I wanted to talk about my beloved british style. As you may have noticed, I am quite obsessed with seasons (I began to organize my food according to the seasons – which is quite normal – but then I loved it so much I began to consider my clothes according to seasons – which is actually normal too… ok I’m just normal) anyway, during fall I am very british-inspired….

So here are my advices to make a perfect british outfit :

some plaid dress or blanket (yeah the dress is easier to wear), and some books :

british style

- some tweed and some boyish silhouette :

british style
(Vogue Paris, aout 2009 / Ralph Lauren fall-winter 2009)

some risky associations of patterns, like plaid and panther, stripes and panther, or several different plaids and cashmere :

british style
(Susie Stylebubble / Paul Smith fall-winter 2009 / Urban Outfitters)

some humoristic details :

british style

- without forgetting the classics, some nice Oxford shoes like these ones, and a burberry trench :

british style
(Burberry Prorsum, fall-winter 2009 / Vogue Paris, aout 2009)

- and last but not least, a fancy rock’n'roll twist :

british style karen walker 
(Karen Walker, fall-winter 2009)

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