Friday, 16 October 2009

Current obsession : braids

I'm crazy about braids right now. I re-discover them this summer, so I spent the whole season making braids in my hair.

But I was thinking it's a summer thing.
During summer, I have a much more "loose" style than in winter (light dresses, barefoot, no make-up...) And I was thinking braids couldn't get well with the more "sophisticated" winter. But I was obviously wrong :

How cute are the braids with the knitted hat !
Braids are definitely a fall hairdress. Perfect with my beloved british-country-folk inspiration for this season :-) With a plaid shirt it adds a very cool "indian" thing. And with a flower dress or velvet jacket, it's just so in the right mood.
I'm gonna stop talking now because I feel really tired and I feel I begin to talk to say nothing.... ;-)

PS : first photo from nikolinelr on flickr, for the others, I can't remember... If anybody can help !

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